About me


As a visual journalist, my 20-year career has taken me across the United States.

A passion for storytelling and world travel sustain my thirst for continuous learning. Open tabs on my devices hint at research for the next possible trip.

Daily deadlines, attention to details and student mentorship — all with an upbeat attitude — are the keys to my career success.

Taking professional classes and teaching myself new programs and techniques keeps my design and web development skills fresh, while I expand my knowledge of the best HTML5 and CSS practices. Javascript, PHP and React are in my future. The opportunity to build, develop and release a mobile app for local food/drink consumers is in the works.

I’ve had the opportunity to touch five continents, exploring the foods and sites of the world. Pop culture, memoirs, a morning run to area parks are just some of the ways I spend my time away from the computer. Good food, Pacific Northwest wines and vegetarian-pescatarian cooking are always a life priority.

Send me an email and let me know how I can help with your project.

For full details of my professional experience, please visit my profile on LinkedIn.